Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Eurodekor melamine faced chipboard (MFC)

The ideal material for horizontal or vertical applications in furniture and interior design, for example for fronts, shelves, wardrobes or wall claddings. Eurodekor melamine faced chipboard (in accordance with EN14322) consists of raw chipboard that is covered with decorative paper on both sides. They can be easily cut, edged and processed. We offer a contemporary and aesthetically demanding solution in the proven EGGER quality within the coordinated set of decor and material combinations.


White Halifax Oak H1176 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak H1180 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak H1181 ST37 Sand Grey Glazed Halifax Oak H1336 ST37 Pewter Halifax Oak H3176 ST37 Black Glazed Halifax Oak H3178 ST37 Cognac Brown Sherman Oak H1344 ST32

Grey Sherman Oak H1345 ST32 Anthracite Sherman Oak H1346 ST32 White Gladstone Oak H3335 ST28 Sand Gladstone Oak H3309 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak H3325 ST28 Grey-Beige Gladstone Oak H3326 ST28 Sepia Gladstone Oak H3342 ST28

Sand Orleans Oak H1377 ST36 Brown Orleans Oak H1379 ST36 Dark Brown Charleston Oak H3154 ST36 Natural Anthor Oak H3330 ST36 Navarra Ash H1250 ST36 White Mountain Larch H3403 ST38 Brown Mountain Larch H3404 ST38

Anthracite Mountain Larch H3406 ST38 Thermo Brown Mountain Larch H3408 ST38 Attic Wood H1400 ST36 Pasadena Pine H1486 ST36 Grey-Beige Tossini Elm H1210 ST33 Brown Tossini Elm H1212 ST33 White Tossini Elm H1701 ST33

Dark Brown Tossini Elm H1702 ST33 Brown Kansas Oak H1113 ST10 Black-Brown Sorano Oak H1137 ST12 Natural Bardolino Oak H1145 ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak H1146 ST10 Grey Arizona Oak H1150 ST10 Brown Arizona Oak H1151 ST10

Black-Brown Thermo Oak H1199 ST12 Sand Beige Whiteriver Oak H1312 ST10 Grey Brown Whiteriver Oak H1313 ST10 Natural Wild Oak H1318 ST10 Vintage Santa Fe Oak H1330 ST10 Grey Santa Fe Oak H1331 ST10 Light Sorano Oak H1334 ST9

Graphite Denver Oak H1387 ST10 Truffle Brown Denver Oak H1399 ST10 Dark Hunton Oak H2033 ST10 Natural Davos Oak H3131 ST12 Truffle Brown Davos Oak H3133 ST12  Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak H3146 ST19 Grey Corbridge Oak H3156 ST12

Vicenza Oak H3157 ST12 Grey Vicenza Oak H3158 ST19 Natural Kendal Oak H3170 ST12 Oiled Kendal Oak H3171 ST12 Natural Hamilton Oak H3303 ST10 Natural Nebraska Oak H3331 ST10 Grey Nebraska Oak H3332 ST10

Kaisersberg Oak H3349 ST19 Natural Lancaster Oak H3368 ST9 Natural Corbridge Oak H3395 ST12 Cognac Kendal Oak H3398 ST12 Sand Lyon Ash H1298 ST22 Sand Kentucky Chestnut H1710 ST10 Bavarian Beech H1511 ST15

Ellmau Beech H1582 ST15 Mainau Birch H1733 ST9 Natural Mandal Maple H3840 ST9 Champagne Hard Maple H3860 ST9 Lincoln Walnut H1714 ST19 Natural Pacific Walnut H3700 ST10 Tobacco Pacific Walnut H3702 ST10

Natural Carini Walnut H3710 ST12 Natural Hickory H3730 ST10 Natural Dijon Walnut H3734 ST9 Cascina Pine H1401 ST22 Fineline Cream H1424 ST22 Bramberg Pine H1487 ST22 White Aland Pine H3430 ST22

Polar Aland Pine H3433 ST22 White Fleetwood H3450 ST22 Champagne Fleetwood H3451 ST22 Lava Grey Fleetwood H3453 ST22 Natural Pine H3470 ST22 Verona Cherry H1615 ST9 Locarno Cherry H1636 ST12

Natural Brown Branson Robinia H1251 ST19 Grey Beige Branson Robinia H1252 ST19 Truffle Brown Branson Robinia H1253 ST19 Light Lakeland Acacia H1277 ST9 Grey-Beige Bamenda H1115 ST12 Coco Bolo H3012 ST22 Mali Wenge H3058 ST22

Shorewood H3090 ST22 Whitewood H1122 ST22 Graphitewood H1123 ST22 Anthracite Fineline Metallic H3190 ST19 Brown Fineline Metallic H3192 ST19 


Pebble Grey U201 ST9 Cashmere Grey U702 ST9 Angora Grey U705 ST9 Silk Grey U707 ST9 Light Grey U708 ST9 Dakar Grey U717 ST9 Stone Grey U727 ST9 

Dust Grey U732 ST9 Dark Taupe U740 ST9 Lava Grey U741 ST9 Truffle Brown U748 ST9 Taupe Grey U750 ST9 Pearl Grey U763 ST9 Cubanit Grey U767 ST9 

White Grey U775 ST9 Monument Grey U780 ST9 Arctic Grey U788 ST9 Onyx Grey U960 ST9 Diamond Grey U963 ST9 Carbon Grey U968 ST9 Soft Black U899 ST9 

Graphite Grey U961 ST2 Alabaster White U104 ST9 Cotton Beige U113 ST9 Sand Beige U156 ST9 Beige U200 ST9 Came Beige U216 ST9

Crema Beige U222 ST9 Velvet Yellow U107 ST9 Apricot Nude U232 ST9 Nougat Brown U807 ST9 Dark Brown U818 ST9 Caramel Nude U830 ST9 Black Brown U989 ST9

Vanilla Yellow U108 ST9 Brilliant Yellow U114 ST9 Citrus Yellow U131 ST9 Saffron Yellow U140 ST9 Maize Yellow U146 ST9 Curry Yellow U163 ST9 Orange U332 ST9

Sorbet Orange U340 ST9 Siena Orange U350 ST9 Indian Red U390 ST9 Rose white U313 ST9 Antique Rose U325 ST9 Fuchsia Pink U337 ST9 Flamingo Pink U363 ST9

Burgundy Red U311 ST9 China Red U321 ST9 Chilli Red U323 ST9 Lipstick Red U328 ST9 Garnet Red U399 ST9 Aubergine Purple U330 ST9 Powder Violet U400 ST9

Crocus Pink U404 ST9 Dark Violet U414 ST9 Purple U420 ST9 Violet U430 ST9 Glacier blue U500 ST9 Tyrolean Blue U504 ST9 Smoke Blue U507 ST9

French Blue U515 ST9 Horizon Blue U522 ST9 Delft Blue U525 ST9 Polar Blue U533 ST9 Denim Blue U540 ST9 Deep Sea Blue U560 ST9 Midnight Blue U570 ST9

Indigo Blue U599 ST9 Turquoise Blue U633 ST9 May Green U600 ST9 Forest Green U606 ST9 Pistachio Green U608 ST9 Wasabi Green U617 ST9 Kiwi Green U626 ST9

Lime Green U630 ST9 Fjord Green U636 ST9 Niagara Green U646 ST9 Fern Green U650 ST9 Emerald Green U655 ST9 Amazon Green U660 ST9

Graphite Grey U961 ST19 Black U999 ST12 Black U999 ST19 Shadow Black U998 ST38

White colour 

Basic White W908 SM Basic White W908 ST2 Cream White W911 SM Cream White W911 ST2 Cream White W911 ST15 Platinum White W980 SM Platinum White W980 ST2

Platinum White W980 ST15 Premium White W1000 ST9 Alpine White W1100 ST9 Porcelain White W1200 ST9 Glacier White W1300 ST9 Premium White W1000 ST19 Premium White W1000 ST38 

Material Reproduction

Beige Textile F416 ST10 Grey Textile F417 ST10 Brown Linen F424 ST10 Anthracite Linen F433 ST10 Anthracite Metal Fabric F461 ST10 Light Gray Chicago Concrete F186 ST9 Dark Grey Chicago Concrete F187 ST9 

Light Concrete F274 ST9 White Chromix F637 ST16 Chromix Silver F638 ST16 Bronze Chromix F642 ST16 Light Cefalu Concrete F823 ST10 White Carrara Marble F204 ST9 Anthracite Pietra Grigia F205 ST9

Black Pietra Grigia F206 ST9 White Levanto Marble F812 ST9 Anthracite Jura Slate F242 ST10 Silver Grey Metal Slate F628 ST16 Black Gold Metal Slate F629 ST16 Anthracite Metal Rock F121 ST87 Ferro Bronze F302 ST87

Titanium Grey Steelcut F313 ST10 Golden Patina F411 ST20 Cubanite Steelbrush F434 ST20 Indigo Blue Metallic F462 ST20 Platinum Grey Metallic F463 ST20 Metallic Inox F500 ST20 Brushed Aluminium F501 ST2

Aluminium F509 ST2 Brushed Brass F784 ST20

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