About Us

About Us


Norm (S) Pte. Ltd. endeavors to reset the norm in panel furniture making in Singapore. 

In recent years; you may have heard of companies providing indoor air cleaning services. However, short-termed based air filtration-equipment and perfume-based sprays will not be an effective solution to remove the formaldehyde in the room completely.

In regards to enclosed areas such as homes and offices; indoor air quality is of major importance to the occupants. To deal with such issue, we have adopted a simple “High-Low approach” to reset the norm in panel furniture-making in Singapore.

Our Egger wood-based panel products are high in CO2 sequestration and low in formaldehyde emission. We strongly encourage using more timber from sustainable sources for construction, flooring and furniture-making. All our wood-based panels products are FSC and PEFC compliant. Our wood-based panel products also meet the Japanese Standard F**** requirements in formaldehyde emission; one of the most stringent tests in the world.


  • We supply Environmentally Friendly and Ultra-low Formaldehyde Wood-based Materials
  • We provide ideas on how to put them together with minimal impact on our environment

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